Astronomical levels of visual media

In the past five years, the sheer volume of visual media being posted, shared, and “liked” by users across social platforms, both PER DAY and PER YEAR, has reached beyond-astronomical levels, as seen in Figure A below:

Compare Figure A's mammoth numbers to how image-stark the Internet was when it first launched (in 1991) and it's easy to see how vast and far visual media creation, distribution, and interaction has advanced over the past 30 years.

Naming this fervor

In researching these topics for my master's thesis in 2019, I ended up coining the term hypervisualism to colletively describe the consistently soaring visual media trends and overall image-communications fervor dominating the Internet. Hypervisualism is, in fact, the very subject I devoted my entire thesis to. Ultimately, it was my thesis work that inspired my decision to launch of Vistorylizer.

Research ... in progress

By December 2020, I combined my work on hypervisualism with my Vistorylizer application development ideas to produce a (draft) research study proposal as part of my now-doctoral coursework to further probe the immersive, visual marketing communications landscape brands navigate as they distribute their messages across social media, namely Twitter.

My proposed research also explores Vistorylizer’s measurement role in the study as well. But since all my research ideas still have many moving parts, it's best to pause here until I have something more worth sharing hopefully in the near future.

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