Why Twitter?

Vistorylizer, a near real-time “pulse checker” of image-based communications across Twitter, was developed using the Twitter API, which allows for a limited but FREE, 7-day search of image and media-related activity across its network.

A Natural Fit

The concept and construction of Vistorylizer were originally envisioned with Twitter largely in mind, namely because Twitter is more known as a news and media-specific network focused on "what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now” and sparking global conversations.

Since Vistorylizer's primary goal is to serve as a "pulse-checker" of media-based communications from anywhere in the world, Twitter near real-time API was a natural fit.

Twitter Developer application & approval

The Twitter Developer application process required a submission of Vistorylizer’s prototype designs, business model, and other appdev details explaining why and how the Twitter API would be integrated into our tool. After several exchanges with Twitter Developer folks, our project was successfully approved in November 2019. Construction of Vistorylizer began shortly thereafter.


Please direct any questions about this visual media activity tool to mayra@ruizmcpherson.com.